Monday, 25 July 2016

Put it in your calendar

"Schools out for summer!", *air guitar*.

I am going to upset a few people with this post, I am going to talk about the seasonal big C.  If you cant take it, go and have a cup of tea in the sunshine.  Come back tomorrow!

For the rest of us here, that are obsessed with being on time for everything and hate people who say "oh my god!, its nearly Christmas, where has the time gone?!?!".  Seriously people, Christmas is the same date every year get your selves together.

As there are so many of us, and some of us are more fractured in our individual families (through divorce, (which parents year is it?), being in another country, will the baby arrive before, after, during?).  We have to plan in advance.  We used to sort it on Boxing day, but with it getting to the point of Great Grandchildren, it is a logistical nightmare and the RAF tent we have no longer holds us all in my Parent's backgarden.  It is now a case of book your seat, if you dont say yes now, then you arent coming.  Harsh but true.

This weekend I have conference called, text and emailed.  Book your seat now.  I have seen a Holiday Home that we can rent for the 2 weeks really cheaply, and that has 2 rooms that have a divider and we can seat everyone, with babies on laps.  Time is of the essense.  

The stuffing competition is on again, lets hope my Niece doesnt win for a third year!  

The emails of what food people will bring have already started to arrive.  It would seem that the younger generation are more into getting sorted for Christmas than the older generation.  This is your reminder Family of mine, reply before Sunday!  Thank you.

I have already bought my Saint Nicholas (6th December) sweets, that were on offer in Tescos, reduced to clear.  Jelly Beans and ET's favourite - Reeces Pieces, expiry date 2018! Go for them people - you canfind them in the World Foods Aisle...  Clog filling is high on little peoples minds.

Got to be ready.  Got to be planned.  The spreadsheet is ready.  

Lets prepare.  Are you planners?  Or fly by the seat of your pants people?  If you save £10 a week till Christmas you could have the money to buy all of your food for the festivities.  There are 22 weeks to go!  Ready,Get Set, SAVE!

Friday, 22 July 2016

And Now for something completely different

After what must have been the weirdest work telephone conference call  I have ever had in my life.  Lets look at something completely different from the building site that is my home.  Yes, I am working at home on my contract.  Yes, the dust is everywhere, huge clouds of it floating across the garden from where they are cutting the roof tiles.  Yes, I am slightly deranged at present.

The i key on my keyboard needs bashing to make it work, I *bash* suspect building dust.   I *BASH* have an extension cable into the falling down green house, where I am surrounded by bits of off cut timber.  My colleagues think it is idyllic working from home in the village...  They havent heard the builders swearing, 3 different radios, tuned to different stations, the nail gun banging. the hammering, the circular sawing the hole cutter going in the new bathroom.  It is all necessary, but boy is it loud at the moment.  I therefore give you the above YouTube of Time Warp Wives, (although I think I have posted it before).

Enjoy everyone.  I hope you are having a good time in the sunshine and will have a brilliant weekend.

Be kind 

Sol x