Friday, 27 November 2015

Helen Mirren

Part 2

How sofly is she spoken and he would never get away with what he is saying now.

And now lol

I found these when look for it Aint half hot mum.  

I think she's fab.


Thursday, 26 November 2015

Before We Forget

I was reminded earlier when reading a blog post by Fliss, about something I had learned about my family recently.

Maybe a little project for me and anyone else how fancies joining in.  Write on your blogs what you find out about your families. Maybe if I can I will try and get video of my parents, telling stories. Collect them, before they are lost.

A few weeks ago, I read the words and heard the voice of a man that had served with my Maternal Grandfather in WW2 in Italy.  

About what happened to him and after the war had ended and they were helping people evacuate the area.  How the wounded, frail, fractured minded men were herded on to moving trains and into open backed trucks that didnt stop.  

I saw his name in his military records, when he was sick, when he had asked for special leave, to visit his Wife and new babies as they were born...

The hand writing on these documents is so elegant and beautiful.  You cant quite make all of it out.

You can see new orders, new regiments, where so many of them were killed that they were then absorbed into another.

And then the final line, perished from multiple wounds.

I wonder if he had survived, what stories he would have told.  Or like his Brother when anyone sounded like they were glorifying anything that happened at that time.  "I dont want to talk about it, I want to leave it in my nightmares".

My own Father, when plied with a little sauce, no TV and being in a foreign country, (when I took my parents on holiday), started talking about his time serving.  His time in Singapore, how he made huge vats of Kaolin and Morphine, for sickness (read hang overs), that was given out at breakfast.  How he and 3 buddies saved and bought a jeep to get around in.  

I have seen black and white pictures of the shows they put on.  All very much in the vein of the TV series "it aint half hot mum".  There is one with my father bare chested with what looks like eyeliner and lipstick drawn on him, with an amazing likeness to my Mum when she was young.  Someone must have drawn it on him copying it from a picture.

How they went out in coracles, a local rowing, and they with boat hooks smacking the water looking for mines.  Health and Safety would love that now.

(He didnt mention about when he had Asian Flu, like Swine Flu, which took many lives. Where it swept through the area, there werent enough antibiotics etc to go around so they had to go into the jungle and be quarantined.  I know of this only, as my Dads friend, who served with him at the time, thought we knew and blurted it out at a birthday gathering.  He has only once referred to it, by saying that he probably could get Swine Flu but would beat it.)

My Father dislikes coconut, so I wonder if that is because they ate a lot of it?  His favourite food over there is what I would think would be left overs reheated for breakfast.  Nasi Goreng.  And the ultimate eco friendly plate of a banana leaf that it would have been wrapped in.  Eaten with fingers.

And when asked in the cold light of day (read no sauce), what it was like.  'Oh, it just was.  You know.  Hot.'