Sunday, 6 April 2014

Captain America 2, The Winter Soldier

Captain America: The Winter Soldier (2014) Poster

On Sunday last week we went to the pictures to see

I Loved it. 

Lots of action/fighting, and although a 12a, I was surprised to see a family had gone to see it and they had a small girl I would guess was 3.  I know it was Mothers Day here in the UK, but I did not think it was an appropriate film for a young family to view.  Little moan over...

I thought Chris Evans was excellent and Scarlett Johansson acted their behinds off.  Chris Evans is huge in this, what the hell is he eating?  All of Popeye's spinach?  (not as phwoar as Thor!  lol)

The Winters Soldier,  hmmm, a little wishy washy as a character.  That could have been made more of.

And where the hell was Iron Man, they made reference to him...

I would definitely see it again, whilst we are saving, the entrance fee of £17 for the 2 of us, is a little hard to swallow at the moment. If money wasn't a problem I would see it a second time, in case I missed anything.  I think seeing this on the big screen also made more of it, (we only have a small TV at home and things we have seen at the pictures are not as good when released on DVD and viewed at home).

Would I recommend it?  For sure.

Scores on the doors?  8/10.  That's a very high mark from me.

Lots of films coming out.  I am hoping to see Noah, Hercules, the new Xmen and Spiderman.  Will have to go on the student night.  else the coffers are going to be empty.

Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Nothing to report

Hello, nothing to report. 

will try and do some pictures.

Sol x