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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Good Morning, Good Morning and Maybe Good Afternoon

These pictures have nothing to really do with todays post.  Its more 'Typing out loud', I'm afraid.  Today's post is more thinking.

These pictures are of Spetse,  in Greece.  Cars are banned from the town.  I kind of like that.

Water taxis bobbing about on the waterfront.  

The above picture is of the road back to Athens.  

I love a few places on the planet, Canada took my heart many years ago.  Even before Posh Boy, my childhood friend moved to England from Canada.  The love affair started there.  Its so clean, people are so friendly.  Its so easy to travel around.  Whats not to love?

New Zealand.  Land of the Hobbit.  Again another very clean place, easy to travel about and the people were super friendly.

France.  Oh, France, I fell in love with France on a school exchange in the suburbs of Paris.  The food, the clothes, the people.  I thought my penpals mother was the most chic person I had met in all my 12 years!  lol  It was an assault on the sense for 2 weeks France, indulged me, gave me some independence and with that came the idea that it could be somewhere I would like to live at some point.  It hasnt happened yet, but never say never right.  We nearly moved there when we were 24.  We even found the house, on the outskirts of Aubetterre sur Drone.  It had a round turret and was surrounded by sunflowers.  There was some complication with the family who were selling it.  The siblings could not agree, it was not meant to be.

Every year since we have been together, bar the last 2, we have been to Greece.  We have sailed around all the islands.  Just the 2 of us and a 33 foot yacht.  It is actually hard work when it is only 2 of you.  And although some people think it is posh or ritzy... it is nice you get to see lots of place and not from the land out to see, but vice versa.  The weather can some times be scary and pumping sea water to flush your own toilet can mean it is a little smelly in the head.  Radio checks with foreigners can be hit and miss, bilge pumping, exhaust checking, prop wraps, all things you have to be prepared for.  On the whole it is fab.

We have friends who live in Porto Heli (Porto Cheli), who most of the time we stay with when we finish the 2 weeks on the boat.  Gives us respite from wobbly legs.  Treat us to amazing food, from their amazing garden.  It has also crossed our mind to sell up and run off to the Greek sun.  The houses are extremely well priced there.

Lets do some star gazing - If you could live anywhere, where would you go?  And what type of house and garden would you want?  Go make a post on your own blog and leave me a comment so I know to visit.  I would be interested to know where you would go...

Tuesday, 25 October 2016

And the craziness continues

picture from google

And the craziness continues.  In readiness for moving, I handed my notice in yesterday.  You may remember that I studied quite hard to get this job, spent a lot on the qualifications....  

Well it didnt work out.  I made a mistake and I am happy to admit this.  I am not cut out to work in an office like that.  I eventually liked the people well enough, finance makes people bonkers I have decided.  Very highly emotional.  FTSE up, most are happy.  Brexit, everybody very sad.  Anyways, enough of that.  Whats next?

I applied for a job on my phone, as you do now, sitting in the car park, whilst waiting to follow another coffin to its final resting place.  My Mum and Dad both in the car.  My parents are the type of people, "if your happy we are happy".  Our relationship has changed a lot over the last 10 years, I went somewhere from being their kid that lived in London, to someone who took over their finances, bills and such.  In a way reversing the relationship.  We have all mellowed.  I looked to them for reassurance that we arent crazy.  They did a similar thing when they were our age.  Hence I grew up by the sea.

I had an email and a telephone interview, with a very posh gentleman, Retired Forces.  Then a face to face interview, with Him, his Son and his Accountant.  He requires a personal assistant 4 days a week for 6 hours a day.  I will help with sorting his correspondence, arranging the cleaning ladies, the gardeners, builders etc.  I am looking forward to the challenge as he is quite a good laugh, doesnt take himself too seriously and most of all he is only one village over.  I will no longer have to drive nearly to London every other day.  I am doing this for 6 months.  We hope that this will coincide with us selling.  If not I would be allowed to stay in one of the cottages.  He is hoping to rent them out.  Watch this space as that is somewhere he said he wants input into the interior decoration.  He has come to the right person.

I handed my notice in yesterday after my weeks holiday.  I am now on Garden Leave.  

I am ready to change.  The light is at the end of the tunnel.  I just hope no one turns out the light!