Sunday, 24 May 2015

Blue Skies

Today, so far has been a really good day.  The size of our new lounge now means that when people visit, I dont have to sit on a step stool in the door way.  The lads came around early to tinker with motor bikes and then their girlfriends and wives arrived and we had an early lunch cooked on the gas BBQ.  It is so nice to have people around and have a good laugh, have some lovely squishy snuggles with some babies and some lovely good nattering.

The new roof of the garage is now on.  No leaks so far.  All the garage boxes and workshop things have now moved out of the house.  HALLELUYAH!  I now dont have to do an obstacle course to get to the kitchen.  

No truck can get on to our drive as the walnut tree (in the right of this photo), is in the way.  There is also a huge crack through the middle.  All needs sorting.  It is already on the list.

What is on the works agenda this week?  Well we are having the down stairs rewired.  A lot more plug sockets added.  Hopefully this will get rid of the very dark swirly flower carpet in the hall that with the sauna pine planks on the wall, make the walls come in on you and eat all of the light in the area (no windows). The hall floor will be taken up to run cables.  'Be gone carpet, I banish Thee!'

And then the kitchen designer will be here at the end of the week.  The oil heating has blown my freestanding kitchen out of all of the plans and I now have to have Ikea or that ilk.  Boo hiss!  But we need to be warm and have hot water.

The new architect is coming one evening.  Although I think we are going with a friend of a friend.  Lets see how that goes.

Hope your having a great weekend, I m off to wash lots of plates and the water has just boiled in the kettle.  

p.s. it is raining here, will check the garage for leaks!

Saturday, 23 May 2015


Stone tiles for the hearth.

Our new stove will sit on top of them.

We couldnt have the stove I wanted, but the one we have chosen looks good.

Exciting, I cant wait for it to be put in and the pink carpets to come up.

Oh yeah!