Friday, 28 November 2014

Two Posts in One Day? Wow

I have just seen {THIS}.  What is going on?

This is completely crazy.  

People be crazy.  

I walked to the park and back.  I have spent nothing today.  

Was I the only one to not part with my cash?

Its Friday!!!!!

You are probably all wonder what happened with the house and the silence on my blog.

Unfortunately, we were out bid again on a house.  

We keep missing out.  We offered 15% over the asking price and still missed the mark.  This was a house with no land other than a medium sized garden. 

What are we going to do now?  Well we will keep looking.  There isnt much out there.  We will keep monitoring all the websites and then hurtle off down country lanes to look at the houses. 

House price are still rising so we need to act fast.  Anything that is in a village or in the sticks seems to be at a premium.  We are finding they are going for north of £550k add on top of that {stamp duty} to be paid to the Government and your getting into an area where it makes me feel a little sick.  

Compromise.  I am not sure what else we can compromise on.  

A change of tactic?  I think we will now look at the edge of towns.  Everyone seems to want the same as us.  30 mins tops from the nearest motorway junction.  Village community.  Driveway parking.  A small shop, a pub and if lucky a post office.  

You see my desire to have a buttery coloured stone house is really messing with our buying power.  

We cant get rid of the time to the motorway, that is top priority.  we have already cut the number of bedrooms to 2, Posh Boy works from home so we need an office area, that he can remote in from when he is on call.

When a house is 2 beds you then lose a dining area.  we have given up on a garage or an out building.  Not to mention any land.  And now we are giving up on village.  It all feels like a compromise to far now.  

I think we will end up with a house, but it wont be anything that we thought it would be.  After 10 months of looking we are now jaded.  Heck we are even looking in the town we are already in.  

It all feels a little out of control, we will keep looking.  The dream continues.