Thursday, 20 November 2014

Wonky Donkey

For Nora

What is that? - not for vegetarians

When in London we always end up in China Town at some point.  We dont eat there, we have a rule if we dont recognise the food we dont eat it!  lol  

I get that the things on the left are ducks but in both the following 2 pictures what the heck is it on the top right that looks like armadillo?

Stuffed squid?  I dont know?

No idea

definitely no, I still dont know what above is

Half a duck and maybe pig ears?  

goose or stuffed duck neck?  
And again I have absolutely no idea what this is either?

Yep we didnt eat here.  We ate at the {Masala Zone} in Covent Garden.  We had the grand vegetarian thali's.  Bloomin lovely.  I recommend the Masala Zone.  I think there are a few dotted around London.

Would you eat the things above?